The Genesis G70 introduces the future of driving with Genesis Digital Key. Unlock, lock, and start your car from your compatible smartphone and/or compatible smartwatch. Share access with up to three users, no matter where they are, with a simple tap. It's convenience and connectivity redefined. With Digital Key, simply tap your smartphone to the driver-door handle to unlock the car. Once inside, place your phone in the wireless charging tray, push the start button, and you're ready to go.

Easily share your key with family and friends

The Digital Key app allows you to share your digital key with up to three devices using Apple Wallet or Samsung Pass. As the primary user, you have full control over the sharing period and can customize the length or Digital Key capability of your shared user.

Lock or unlock your vehicle with a single tap

Effortlessly unlock your vehicle without the press a button. Simply tap your smartphone, smartwatch, or NFC card on the door handle, and your car unlocks instantly.

Start your vehicle with your device

Experience the future of convenience. Once you're inside, simply place your device on the wireless charging pad to start your vehicle.

Complete remote control

The Digital Key App gives you complete remote control of your vehicle, providing the ability to effortlessly lock/unlock doors, initiate your car remotely, and even manage your vehicle's security alarm

Using NFC digital key

To utilize the NFC touch function of Genesis Digital Key, just tap your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Samsung phone to the door handle. Once you're inside, either place your device on or tap it to the wireless phone charger to start your vehicle.


Unlocking your vehicle is now as easy as a tap on your mobile phone. Just touch your compatible device to the door handle and experience the ultimate convenience. Say goodbye to traditional keys and remotes as you embrace the future of effortless car entry.


If your smartphone isn't close by, your compatible Apple Watch can provide the same level of convenience with Digital Key. Simply tap your watch on the door handle, and your vehicle unlocks instantly.

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